Thursday, October 6, 2011

Palm Trees, Cherubim and Flowers, Part 1

Today's post is a comment on the unfortunate condition of many of today's churches, hopefully not yours. It is written in response to an email from some dear sisters in Christ.
Many churches today are suffering greatly from the attacks of the enemy and works of the flesh in days gone by. Quite often churches get launched with a tremendous move of the Spirit of God and then settle down to a mundane, church as usual institution without God's manifest presence. The glory departs, the Spirit labels it  "Ichabod" and the people continue on holding structured services and programs asking God to bless them (because now they have bills to pay and a payroll to meet). What God begins in the Spirit, man tries to manage in the natural. It is just a shell of what it used to be, a reminder of the distant past when God was walking in the garden among them in the cool of the evening before the fall.

Palm trees, cherubim (guarding angels with flaming swords, not cute little baby angels hovering in the air as some artists have depicted them) and blooming flowers carved on the walls of Solomon's temple are symbols to remind the people of the Garden of Eden from which they were driven and to which God wants to see them return. (See I Kings 6). Readmission is only accomplished by means of atonement for sin. That means a deep repentance and a turning away from the things that have held the people and therefore, the church in bondage. A true turning to Jesus Christ and being determined to make Him Lord of every area of our lives: our preconceived notions, our theology, our emotions, our money, our expectations, our sexuality, our relationships, our blind spots. Anything and everything, is placed on the altar for God to incinerate it. Nothing is held back from God. The church's standard and vision has to become one of holiness before our God who says, Be holy for I am holy. 

Sin in the camp will quench the Spirit of God and drive Him away. Holiness in the camp will enable Him to return. The kingdom of God is not what we eat and drink (regulations and programs), but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost! Just one illustration here will paint a vivid picture. If the farmer does not regularly clean out the barn, it gets ugly, smelly and not a very nice place to be. Looks like you guys will need to clean out the old barn so the Spirit of God can return with His glory and power!


  1. Well, all I can say - is keep this up!!!!! I love the visions in this post. And the truth of it.

  2. Thank you, Gardenia. I do feel the refreshing breeze of the Holy Spirit as I write. God Bless!

  3. God told me to come back here early this morning. Reading it through again. Yes. . . . .listening, Lord - - - hmmm - don't rest in places where the spirit has left - in every area of life - I think! Yes, refreshing!